Meet Veronica Howley

Senior Associate

When things go wrong and you find yourself facing a commercial or family dispute needing an experienced litigation lawyer, Veronica and her team can help.

Clients value Veronica’s ability to find practical resolutions without the disruption and expense of going to court. She specialises in complex commercial disputes, plus land, shareholder and partnership disagreements. Business owners or families facing probate disputes appreciate her empathy for the stress and interruption to life that such serious events can cause. And she knows from decades of experience how to unravel interlocking and significant disagreements.

Facing a legal dispute over business assets, contractual agreements, property or probate? Or just unsure as to whether litigation is the answer? You are in the right place.

Contact Veronica and HM’s team of dispute resolution lawyers.

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Head of Commercial Recoveries

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Wendy Randall

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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Check out the services Veronica’s team provides
Check out the services Veronica’s team provides