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Being faced with a dispute can be incredibly stressful and tricky to sort out. No two situations are ever alike. John is aware that each dispute – of any size or complexity – needs handling in a way that is unique to the circumstances of each disagreement. Whatever point you are at with a dispute or litigation, John and his team can steer you toward a positive outcome.

As a dispute resolution solicitor with over two decades’ experience, John is used to guiding clients through complicated disagreements over business contracts, commercial disputes (including shareholder disputes), and emotionally-charged disputes over inheritance or business assets.

John’s clients also appreciate the calm and focussed way he reaches solutions. He is an independent Commercial Mediator and by seeing different perspectives he has unlocked seemingly uncompromising conflicts. Importantly, wherever possible John avoids the courtroom which can be both costly and time-consuming; while persistently and expertly defending his clients’ claims with tenacity and keen emotional intelligence.

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John works closely with:
Michael Richards


Head of Commercial Recoveries

Here's how we are doing law differently
Here's how we are doing law differently